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TSD-3000   TSD-2000S   TSD-2000SV <TKS Spray Dampening System>


TSD is designed to keep the water balance at the optimum level during super-high speed printing while guaranteeing the printing in optimum condition.
The TSD is a product of a detail tests that we conducted in pursuit of higher quality printing, performance and functionality. It exhibits excellent operability when connected to the TKS Master-DIP optical network and its maintainability is unsurpassed. Purchase of the TSD will being to your production operation.

TSD-3000 (NEW)


  1. Performance

- The TSD matches maximum printing speed of 100,000 copies per hour.
- Quick response is achieved through minimization of the electromagnetic value.
- Uniform water film is formed because fine water sprays are jetted at an accurate angle.
- Construction is such that water condensation is minimized.

  2. Operability
  - Water feed rate is automatically controlled by the TSD that is connected with the T-NPC
  and Master DIP/TSD systems through the high speed optical network.
- A dampening water feed rate controller has led to high quality printing based on the analysis of percentage
  coverage of the plate and position of the plate on the cylinder.
- Even if acceleration or deceleration occurs from the preset printing speed, the water feed curve can be
  automatically and optimally controlled.

  3. Maintainability
  - Rigid aluminum-frame construction facilitates maintenance.
- A quick-connect nozzle enables easy replacement in an emergency.
- Parts needing maintenance can be installed and removed at a mere touch on the unit.
- Improved nozzle surfaced minimizes the change of dirt build-up from residual water.
- A new dripping pan markedly decreases the amount of standing water, thereby reducing the entire machine weight.
- The spray bar’s surface is free of projections.