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T-NPC is a system that intensively controls information on the print, and can drive the rotary press.
The print pattern is made first. The schedule is set based on the print pattern on the printed day.
The control of the peripheral equipment is facilitated by the "Preset" before it prints to the rotary press peripheral equipment.
It is necessary and indispensable to shorten the preparation's time.
The T-NPC can greatly shorten the preparation's time.
It is contributes to speedup and the labor saving of the newspaper print.
The T-NPC can preset ink, water(TSD), INSPECTOR, compensator, trolley, nipping, tension, FWL, path length and etc.
Moreover, the state of the rotary press is observed while it is driving.
This system can be made according to the customer requirement.

Comprehensible system
The operator can preset and the confirmation by the touch panel display.
High reliability system

The computer is a product of high reliability. Therefore, it enables the operation of a long term.

Data management
T-NPC corresponds to all the print situations by the minimum data input.
The data management system constructed by the experience of 20 years or more.


  System Configuration (Click this image.)