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Ease in operation is based on the state-of the art technology. System expandability is unparalleled. We are certain that the web viewer will enhance your production quality performance.



  1. Performance

- Maximum printing speed is 100,000 copies per hour.
- Reliably detects color ink spots, intrinsic smear, and uneven density.
- Employment of a new algorithm has succeeded in reducing the color ink recognition size and enhanced soil delectability of color inks.
- Compatible with the C-roll (three quarter), D-roll (half) for center loading, and D-roll (half) for double ender operation.

  2. Operability
  - A desirable printing pattern is automatically selected by the INSPECTOR that is connected with the T-NPC
  through high-speed optical network. Sharing the data with the T-NPC, there is no need for registry of a vast amount of printing patterns.
- The CPU quickly processes images. It is incorporated within the head on the unit.
- An error detector is indicated on the onscreen web images.
- Easily compatible with added number of printing presses.
- Supports the expanded interlocking of operating units.
- Compatible with audio output (optional).

  3. Maintainability
  - A remarkable reduction in machine weight facilitates maintenance.
- Major parts external to the web viewer substrate are installed and removed at a mere touch.
- Soils on the sensor head surface are automatically detected.
- The LED light source has a long service life.
  4. System Configuration
  Sensor Head
  - It is a main body of INSPECTOR.
- Two (face and back) sensor heads are used for one paper.
- CPU for the image data processing is built into INSPECTOR. The CPU inspect judgment.
  Operator Console
  - It is a device that displays the setting of the sensor head and the inspection result.
- T-NPC can manage the operator console.
  - Two sensor heads can be connected with a J-BOX.
- The sensor head is connected with the operator console via J-BOX.